Technical consulting



Simulation modelling and analysis


Our technical expertise lies principally in the field of computational solid mechanics, including statics, dynamics, optimisation and heat transfer applications, using linear and non-linear solution methods. 


Areas of expertise:


Finite element modelling, simulation and analysis

(primarily ANSYS and Mathcad)


Steady-state, dynamics and heat transfer applications


Linear and nonlinear solutions


Design optimisation


Model verification, validation and quality management


Scientific software development (C#, VBA, etc.)






Professional short course


CompuScience provides a professional short course on:


An Introduction to Engineering Simulation Quality Management


The emphasis of the course is on gaining an understanding of the sources of error, uncertainties and mistakes that inevitably arise in the computational modelling and analysis process, and on their detection, treatment and avoidance.


The course is designed to be sufficiently generic and accessible to enable the knowledge gained to be applied across a broad a range of computational methods, models, application and analysis types.




              Finite Element Simulation



Mathematical modelling